DIY- How to Become the Ultimate Procrastinator by Sophie H.

DIY- How to Become the Ultimate Procrastinator by Sophie H.

Procrastination is an easy feat. As teens, nobody knows procrastination like we do. In fact, right now I am procrastinating. With exam break, I’m sure many of us have honed this skill.

Just use these 3 simple steps and you’re on your way to becoming the ultimate procrastinator. By all means be creative and find other ways of using your time. After all, that’s what procrastination is about.

Before you begin, the most important skill a procrastinator must develop is to ignore that nagging voice in your head. We call this voice intellect. It is stronger in some, and those people just have to learn to tune it out.

1. Read. Yes, there are actually fun things to read like magazines and fiction books. You’d be amazed at how much time you can spend and actually enjoy spending in the world of literature.

2. The Internet- A divine tool that is essential to the development of this skill. Worthy websites include: Tumblr, Facebook, MLIA, Youtube, etc.

3. Chores. Yay! Something your parents would definitely approve of and that you can use as part of this learning experience. When nothing else seems satisfying and you want to stay away from that textbook, mopping the floor, “cleaning”  the fridge (more like eating all of the food), cutting the grass (literally cutting, like with a pair of scissors), inspecting the ceiling (e.g. counting the number of dots on the ceiling), etc. all suddenly seem so much more exciting.

These steps will only get you started. Don’t worry if you find yourself feeling guilty at first, it takes time and practice. It is important to note that not all of us can become the ultimate procrastinator. NOW STOP PROCRASTINATING!!

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