The Big Three in Cleveland

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love. These three superstars who have all decided to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers over the past off season have immediately made the Cleveland Cavaliers’ terrifying contenders in a relatively weak Eastern conference. The hype surrounding the new look Cavs has been huge, with many people pinning them as the new NBA champions. But do they have what it takes to soldier through an 82-game season and have enough left in the tank to beat teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder? (more…)


Bulldogs Triumph!


The Diefenbaker Chiefs were hosting Churchill’s own Bulldogs. The field was ready for the showdown between the two senior football teams. The game opened up with Churchill on defense. It seemed like a level-playing field at first, with neither end having an obvious advantage as they rotated between their offensive and defensive players.  Struggling to gain the upper hand, it wasn’t until eight minutes into the game where the first real action appeared.

Umer I. of the Bulldogs scored a touchdown at 8:33, leaving the crowd cheering wildly on their feet. The team also nabbed the one-pointer that is the field goal, opening up the score with a 7-0 lead over the Chiefs.

The Bulldog reign didn’t just end there. In a nail-biting race against time, Churchill’s Landon K. managed to score a second touchdown with zero seconds left on the clock, prompting even the referees to question whether it was a good goal or not. Every pair of eyes was directed to the scoreboard, breaths were held, seconds ticked by, and then silence… finally numbers flashed, and a sigh of relief among the Churchill crowd. The first quarter concludes with us having a 14-0 lead over Diefenbaker.

Churchill continues to gain momentum in the second quarter, fending off their competitors as Diefenbaker bids for their first point. Once again, Umer I. puts points on the scoreboard for the Bulldogs, nailing a touchdown at the last possible second. With a successful field goal wrapping up the Bulldogs’ domination in the first half of the game, the Chiefs look towards the second half to even it up.

The relentless finally answer the call, scoring a touchdown and one-pointer, slightly closing the gap on the Bulldogs. But our Bulldogs just wouldn’t give up their lead, hanging on till the final seconds ticked down.

Final score?  A 21-7 victory over Diefenbaker.