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Seeing this? 285 million people cannot.  Blindness is among the most harrowing burdens- especially in developing nations, where sight is most integral to survival. Nonetheless, citizens of such countries are victimized by blindness more than anyone else (more…)


The Weekend Mirage: 5 Reasons Why Homework Should Not Be Assigned on the Weekend

The weekly cycle is always the same. Monday to Friday, you trek on through the seemingly endless desert, where homework assignments are plenty and free time is but a distant dream. On Monday, there is nothing but hot sun and dry ground. By Tuesday, you have somewhat adjusted to the harsh conditions – but survival prospects aren’t looking any brighter. On Wednesday, you catch a glimpse of something on the horizon – just a faint sparkle of hope, there and gone, but hope nonetheless. By Thursday, it’s clear that you’re approaching an oasis. With this knowledge, you start to walk with a glint in your eye and a spring in your step. When Friday arrives, paradise is just out of your reach. Filled with vigor, you start to run, diving straight into – (more…)

A Scarf? Or More? – A Look Into Infinity, a JA Company

The Infinity team working on their product. Source

The Infinity team working on their product. Source: Infinity A Junior Achievement Company

Walk into one of their production meetings, you’ll find the team members of Infinity – A Junior Achievement Company working hard. In every nook of their space, team members are doing everything from measuring and cutting fabric to sewing zippers onto pockets. Radio music plays in the background and mingles with the intermittent marching of sewing machines. (more…)