Fashion, Comfort, or Function?

On one particular Thursday morning, I woke up late for the 795th time, rushed through my morning routine of outfit, accessories, hair, contact lenses, triple checking my bag to make sure I have everything, plus breakfast and scurrying to the bus stop. As per usual, I made it with mere minutes to spare.

Upon planting myself on a vacant seat in the cozy-compared-to-outside bus, I started to experience an irritation on my ears. I adjusted the backings on my earrings but alas, the struggle was fruitless. The inconceivable pain of earrings that are uncomfortable in the very ears they belong to was too bothersome to bear. I surrendered in the strife, removed the laughing ear embellishments and moved them towards their temporary new home: my pocket. They reached their geographic location, but for some reason there was no such safe nook nestled in the fabric of my clothing that allowed for such storage. The answer dawned upon my sleep deprived mind almost as soon as my hand grazed the smooth fabric of the pants I chose to wear on that distinct and fateful Thursday. The pants I had chosen to wear that day were, wait for it, leggings.

I’ve noticed and experienced that high school is a time where many girls choose to experiment with their personal style and fashion and make it a representation of whom they are or who they are meant to be. I’ve seen so many different trends and clothing items in my three years at Churchill, and have and continue to do my share of experimentation with certain fashions that appeal to me. But sometimes I seriously question why I even do it. There are lots of pros to wearing my big, cozy hoodie every day. Plus, why adjust your hair all the time when you can just wear a ponytail and be done with it?

Thus commences a rant; a rant where the most basic or popular clothing items are deliberately criticized for their unfortunate lack of practicality.

Item #1: Leggings

Where are the pockets, leggings?!?! Although I appreciate the amount of comfort you provide, I must admit that sometimes I wish I had worn jeans whenever I want to put my phone in my pocket so I can listen to my music hands-free. Wait, some leggings have secret pockets? Well that’s wonderful. I can just fit everything I need like my phone or wallet in that tiny secret pocket up by the waist line. Everything will for sure fit and it won’t look weird at all.

Item #2: Knit Infinity Scarves

I love my infinity scarves. The knitted source of exquisite warmth is the most precious amenity in a freezing classroom. They range in all kinds of colours and patterns and can be worn in many different ways. My problem with many of these scarves is that I would have to overpay to get a single scarf that doesn’t initiate neck itches! After searching around with no real luck finding a nice scarf for a good deal I found two infinity scarves last spring at a mall in Burnaby and lo and behold I hit the jackpot because they were two for $25! I pounced on the opportunity only to be disappointed when I wore the scarves after purchasing them. My neck breathes a sigh of relief when I take off the scarf. Point is, scarves should provide comfort, but if it’s comfort you want, be willing to pay extra.

Item #3: Graphic T-Shirts

I love being a walking American Eagle advertisement as much as the next guy or gal, but couldn’t American Eagle make their overpriced t-shirts with some decent fabric so that they won’t be so sheer? Oh I’m sorry American Eagle; I didn’t realize that was part of your marketing scheme to get me to buy your tank tops to put underneath my graphic t-shirt. My bad.

Item #4: Pullover Hoodies

Dearest Pullover Hoodie:

I love how comfortable to you make me feel. I can wrap myself in your warm embrace all day. All that I ask of you is to give me a bit more neck room so I don’t have to adjust all the time. No one likes it when you’re clingy.


Everyone who’s ever loved you ❤

Item #5: Open-Knit Sweaters

Dear Loyal Customer:

We are thrilled that you are purchasing this fabulous Open Knit Sweater from our company. By agreeing to this transaction, you recognize that we, at We Make Open Knit Sweaters & Co., are not responsible for any incidences where the threads of your garment may catch on anything ranging from hair brushes to the zippers of other people’s backpacks.

We hope you enjoy your new sweater. See you again real, real soon!

Item #6: Baggy T-Shirts

These shirts pretty much restrict movement unless one is wearing another item underneath. Perhaps the manufacturers have a similar marketing strategy as the makers of graphic t-shirts.

Item #7: Bandeaus

Am I the only one who feels the need to adjust a bandeau all the time?

Item #8: Cropped Sweaters

Cropped sweaters contradict themselves. The point of a sweater is to keep a person warm, not keep the thermal energy around the arms and leave room for a breeze in the midriff.

Item #9: Leather Boots

As a student on a budget I usually only have enough funds to afford one pair of boots that I can wear to school regularly during the long Calgarian winter. I see a magnificent pair of leather boots in Aldo that go with practically everything I own, therefore conclude that they are perfect. After handing over the 10 hours of work in the form of cash to receive those glorious boots, I was a happy camper… until winter actually showed its wrath and bellowed “You chose poorly” straight to my frozen face. My toes took an hour of reheating before they forgave me for my crime. The lack of insulation is not the only problem with leather boots. They are prone to salt damage and the grip is usually non-existent. The laces sometimes take forever to do, the aglets break off, the zipper breaks, and the soles may also decide not to be part of the boots anymore.

But why should that matter? Sure, I overspent on boots with no sole. But at least while they were in good condition I got to wear fashionable shoes instead of those oversized, bulky winter boots. Definitely, undeniably worth it…right?

Item #10: Printed Leggings

Having already expressed my love for leggings I’ll cut to the chase. I do not understand the appeal of printed leggings. They’re just as impractical as leggings, only they come with the bonus of having had a unicorn sneeze on them during the manufacturing process. I’ve always wanted my legs to have black and white stripes because deep down, I know I am a zebra. But in addition to wearing pocket-less pants that have flowers purposefully glued onto them, it’s a whole new level of difficultly: to find a shirt to complete the look! Here’s the icing on the cake though, one may be obligated to find two shirts to match! Just so, ya know, there can be some variety.

Of course my opinion of these pieces will not stop me from wearing them. I enjoy the confidence that comes with pride in the clothes I wear. Oftentimes it is fashion that takes priority over comfort or function, the price being those undeniable brief moments of why.

– Kaleigh W.



Hi guys!

It’s officially beanie season!!! I don’t know if you guys are excited, but I am dancing with joy right now.  As all of you beanie-lovers know,  it usually cost us more than $10 to get a beanie that we want, so we would have to spend a whole lot of money to get all those lovely beanies. Worry no more, because I have went online and looked for some quick and easy DIY projects for you guys! (more…)

“Fall into Autumn” Fashion Trends and Essentials

Fall LooksFall Looks

Hi there Churchillians,

Fall is here! Are you ready to rock your wardrobe? I’m here to show you some of my must-haves fall essentials and how I wear them.

Fall means “sweater weather”, so the first thing you’re going to need is your favourite sweater (chunky, knitted, or textured). Sweaters are so perfect for fall; they keep you cozy, but are also really cute and fashionable at the same time. Are you in rush for school, or don’t feel like dressing up? Just throw on a sweater and you’re good to go. You can wear one with pretty much anything. You can pair it with a jacket, leggings, skinny jeans, ripped jeans or even shorts (please tell me that I’m not the only one here who wears sweaters with shorts)!

I don’t know about you guys, but thinking of fall reminds me of flannels. I can’t help but wear flannel shirts all the time in the fall. It’s such a staple piece – you don’t need a lot of flannel shirts because you can do so much with just one shirt. Flannels go best with denim, but you can play around with combinations. Wearing them with jeans or denim shorts would create an active look. Wearing a flannel long-sleeve over your favourite graphic tee or tank top would be perfect, too. You can also wear a flannel shirt with leggings if it’s a longer shirt. Want to create a chic-casual 90’s look? Tying a long-sleeve around your waist is great! Having it wrapped around would create an effortless, carefree look, but still make you look pretty and feminine.

Boyfriend jeans are one of my favourite items for this fall. I would go for light washed, destroyed boyfriend jean rolled up on the bottom. Pairing them with a fitted tee or a slightly cropped top would make you look casual and effortlessly sexy.

Next thing is ankle or cowboy boots. These are really perfect for fall, because you can wear them with your jeans, leggings, skirts and even your dresses. One fast tip for pairing them with your skirt: it is very important that your skirt’s length is mid-thigh to create a slim look for your legs.

Raise the boot line; if you are a tall girl, you should definitely get some knee-high boots. You can pair them with different clothing items to create different looks. Want a casual look? Wear knee high boots over a pair of skinny jeans; it gives you comfort but keeps you sexy at the same time. Pairing the boots under a pencil skirt will balance out the skin gap and give you a unique, elegant look that is suitable for school or work.

It’s time for the accessories. Chunky scarves and beanies are two of my definite must-haves for this fall. Face it guys, there are days when you just want to wear your sweatpants and tees to school. Throwing on a chunky scarf would immediately pop your look (and it will also keep you warm)! As for beanies, they do a similar job. Putting on a beanie when you have a bad hair day will drive people’s attention to the beanie, and they will forget about your hair. Another good thing about having a beanie is that they are pretty versatile and you can wear them with your sweaters or with your dresses. Beanies and scarves neutralize your outfits and add a lovely touch to them.

One last thing that you do not want to miss out on is a leather jacket. Leather jackets never go out of style and they are always timeless. You can mix and match it with everything in your closet, from dresses and skirts to jeans.

These are some of the top clothing items that are great for teens and how you can style them successfully. I hope you find this helpful, and if you don’t have any of the things that I mentioned, don’t worry.  Your own style makes you unique. Do whatever floats your boat and makes you happy. 🙂

Have a sweet one, guys!

Stay strong, stay stylish! ❤


As pumpkin spice lattes make their return and the last yellowed leaves float gently to the ground, it can no longer be denied: summer has relinquished its hold and fall is well underway. With the new season comes the inevitable change in fashion trends, as chunky knits and warm sweaters make their way forward to the front shelves. While fall fashion has already taken hold, many of us find ourselves still using our old makeup routines. Unfortunately, just like our summer clothes, it’s time for those looks to go. Summer’s dewy foundations, colorful liners, and rosy blushes have been replaced by new fall trends such as matte foundations, classic black and innocent white liners, along with illuminating oranges and elegant purples.

With cold mornings and biting winds on the way, skincare is more important than ever. This past summer, youthful foundations were the craze; for fall this has been replaced by matte foundations and natural trends. This matte look can be easily attained by using powder rather than liquid or cream foundations; but keep in mind that for the lasting matte look, blotting papers are a necessity. For individuals who don’t need fuller coverage, small amounts of concealer for under-eye circles and red spots can be used to achieve this fresh less is more look. Apply foundation that highlights natural features with minimum effort – it’s perfect for busy students.

On windy days when we find ourselves reaching for comfy sweaters and toques, makeup can be the last priority; this is where eyeliner can be your biggest asset. This season, classic black liners have taken the spotlight, replacing the colorful alternatives that were popular during spring and summer. Black eyeliner is very versatile; it looks amazing on everyone and can be worn with any outfit. Countless looks from dramatic cat-eyes to subtler lash-lining are in Vogue and on the street. Accompanying the black liner trend is a more illuminating look: the white eyeliner. White liner can be hard to pull off for day to day style, so try using a rose gold liner instead. Rose gold liners brighten any face and don’t appear as harsh or chalky as white liners. For the adventurous fashionistas, mixing both liners can produce a mesmerizing look.

Inspired by the turning leaves, orange eye shadows are making a comeback. While orange lids can be intimidating, this look can be subdued by using more subtle hues which blend with shades of copper and gold. In contrast to orange, warm prunes and violets have captured the fall runways as well. Try putting a new twist to the “smokey eye” look by blending lavender and a deeper shade of purple to create a lovely colour gradient.

Fall is here and armed with the newest makeup trends we can brave this season in style. If you try any of these styles please send your pictures and reviews in! Good luck everyone!

Reviews Galore!- Makeup

Wassuuuuuup Churchill?!

I’m trying find some kind of catchy phrase to use when I start these things. How was that? … Yeah it was lame. Moving on –

We live in this free country where competition in the market place is necessary to keeping our mixed economy – sorry, a little too much Social Studies in there. What I was trying to get at, is that there isn’t only one brand of a certain product – there are multiple brands, and because of this it can be hard to know which one to get.

The editors of the fashion column know your pain, which is why we have compiled a list of reviews of all sorts of things that we feel are top notch – hopefully it helps. If it doesn’t, well, that’s rather unfortunate.

If you have a product to recommend, by all means contact us – comment below, message one of us (Wahaj, Anahita or Alise) on facebook, or e-mail us at

Without further ado – the collection of reviews:


Let’s start with the basics – the foundations, if you will.

If you didn’t catch on, I’m literally talking about foundation – and primers and the like. The things that prep your face for the shadows the blush etc.

— Wahaj:

for this section, I’ve got two products that I find notable.

1. Fit Me Foundation — by Maybelline

Like the name suggests, this foundation fits me. It doesn’t create a layer that sits on top of your skin like some foundations do – it looks really good. I don’t even know how to describe it, but I can tell you that whenever I wear it (which is usually on special occasions since my skin type is oily so it’s not good to wear foundation often – those of you with oily skin take note) people comment on how clear my skin looks and they just try to figure out what’s different – most don’t realize it’s foundation. Which I think is a pretty good indicator that – hey, this is some good stuff.

There are 18 different shades, so you’re bound to find one that fits your skin tone nicely. It also has an SPF of 18, so there’s a bit of protection in there as well – perfect!

You can find these at a number of places; personally I get it from either Wal-mart or Shoppers Drug Mart. The price varies depending on the store and when you buy it (if you get it while it’s marked down/on sale etc) but usually it’s around $5 to $7 which is pretty good for a bottle that size (it’s a good size).

2. Eyeshadow Primer Potion — by Urban Decay

I absolutely adore this tiny tube of magic. With my oily skin, eyeshadow and liner tends to crease after a bit of time. I tried a bunch of primers but they never really worked. I even started to think that there really wasn’t a solution and that I just had to keep going to the bathroom to retouch, or just give up eye makeup (yes, it was that bad). But then a friend told me about this goo from heaven – and lo and behold, it actually works! It keeps my make-up looking fresh and smooth, with absolutely no creases!

You can find this baby at Sephora for $24. It’s a small tube, but it lasts a long time, especially if you’re smart about it. I use it quite frequently, but I make sure not to put on too much (because putting on too much makes it less effective, I’ve noticed).


Hello, Fashionistas!

Yes, I am totally aware of the lame title – but indulge in the cheesiness, my friends. Anyway, back to the introduction.

Hi, I’m Wahaj A. – senior in Churchill and the editor of the fashion column you see here. I also have with me a team of stylists – Alise W. and Anahita A. – who will also make posts from time to time. Our team is diverse in their skill sets and styles, which brings a broader perspective to the table. Now, how about some biographies?

0000PicMonkey Collageedits

Anahita A.

Well, I don’t really have a “main” style; however, I’d say my style is a mixture of a boho and preppy chic. I don’t like to stick to one particular style – also, I don’t like to follow fashion; I try to create my own ideas as much as I can. So far, my favourite stores would be Forever 21, Winners, H&M, Aldo Accessories, Aritzia, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Spring and Sport Check (because I’m also a bit of a sportssoccer freak).

Momentarily, my utter most favourite fashion pieces would be knit sweaters and infinity scarves. The best thing about these two pieces would be that they are perfect over top of a long white blouse, black skinny jeans (or leggings, which ever you prefer) and combat boots with a artisan messenger bag. I adore this complete set!

I will keep you posted with more outfit ideas!

And don’t forget ladies – “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel

Alise W.

Hmm… I can’t put my finger on just one style in my entire wardrobe, because I like to explore everything that the fashion world has to offer. I’m not a huge trend follower per se; but when I am, I’m usually a few trends behind everyone else… I guess I’m more of a bohemian-meets-preppy sort of person most of the time. I believe that the best accessory for anyone is their hair (and their smile 🙂 ). I’m crazy about styling hair – I’ll never say no to braiding someone’s hair. I love playing around with it and creating new styles using braiding, curling, and all sorts of hair styling techniques.

I don’t have any favourite stores,because I tend to buy clothes from everywhere. I’m all for the bargains, the sales, and the clearance racks – no shame! Where ever there’s a sale, you’ll find me there. I usually shop at H&M, Urban Outfitters, Stitches, and Forever 21 though. I also adore vintage shopping. Retail therapy, is hands down, the best therapy.

As most of my friends may know, I have been wearing nothing but chiffon shirts lately (With pants, of course). Even though chiffon is considered a spring piece, I wear it during every other season anyway – because I believe there shouldn’t be a fashion limits as to which clothes you should wear for what seasons (as long as it’s appropriate, of course). Chiffon is great for any occasion; you can dress it up, down, or in between. Chiffon shirts are definitely something you need to get your hands on! It’s awesome finding vintage chiffon in the thrifties, too. Watch out for me in this newpaper! You’ll find outfit of the days and tons of hair tutorials to keep you stylish for the school year!

A little bit about me? Sure.

Let’s see – my style is somewhat bohemian at the core – however I am a dabbler, if you will. I’m all about exploring new styles and breaking typical conventions – I’m all about the creativity aspect of fashion. I’m also into fashion DIY – you’ll see what I mean later on. My favourite stores include H&M, Forever 21, Urban Planet, Aldo, Urban Behaviour, Sirens, Spring, Winners, and other stores that have escaped my mind at this moment. Like I said – dabbler.

Currently, my absolute favourite fashion item is the Chambray – a little bit of fashion terminology there. What that is, for those who are not familiar with the term, is a denim button up. It is a unisex piece that has spiked this fall/winter season (mind you, I got my first one last spring) that is the most functional piece you can have in your wardrobe since the creation of jeans. Watch for a post on different ways you can style this item in the future!

Oh, and before I forget, I do have my own personal fashion blog aside from my involvement in this online newspaper. I started it about a year and a half ago as a way of combining my love of fashion with my love of writing. Here is the link, if you’d like to look around:

One last thing – in my own blog, I have a habit of signing off with my pen name The Stylist, so that’s what I’ll be signing off with instead of my name. Pen names seem more professional and cool anyway. Or is that just me?

What can you expect to see here, you ask?

Good question, my unknown audience. This column will include articles like different ways to wear (insert item of choice), seasonal trends, outfit ideas, product reviews, and more!

There will also be pictures of you – yes you. Any Churchillian caught by one of our team members will be nicely asked if they’re okay with their outfit being featured here! Sound exciting? *nods head*

We’re not done yet, though (just one more minute of your time, bear with me). Is there anything you would particularly like to see here? Is there anything that’s collecting dust in your closet because you just don’t know what to pair it with? Thinking of buying something but you don’t know if it’s going to be any good? Know someone that you think deserves to be featured? Alas, you may contact us and request whatever you like! Comment below, message one of us on facebook, or e-mail us at

Stay stylist, my friends.


The Stylist

Featured Fashionista: Michelle K. – Shoe Artist Extraodinaire!

I caught up with grade 12 student Michelle K. – otherwise known as the owner of Tokushu Shoes. She draws creative and unique designs on plain white shoes, and she’s pretty darn good at it too!

Here’s a little bit about the artist and her craft:

When did you first start out making designs on shoes? How did you get into it?

“I saw these plain white shoes and I thought “hmmm… what if they weren’t plain and white…” so I bought them and painted a pair for myself just because I thought it’d be cool or something – I don’t know, haha! I’m so lame. The first pair I did for myself were based on New York, because at the time it was my dream to go to art school there – but I think I’m going to be doing some London ones now for when I go to Central Saint Martins at UAL next year! But yeah that’s pretty much how it started.”

How did the business come about? What made you want to create this business that you have?

“I started making some as birthday presents for my friends, and when I posted them on deviantART people asked me if they were for sale and I was like “Umm… okay!” ”

What was your first sale like? How did it feel?

“Not going to lie, I was sort of really excited and surprised that someone actually wanted to buy my art. It was a local order for a lady who saw my New York design and wanted something similar except with Calgary on the shoes instead.”

Your shoes have been sold not only in Canada, but also in foreign countries – the US, Germany, Australia and England. What was your reaction when it started going international?

“I was sort of jealous of the shoes because they have been more places than I have. Other than that, I was really happy hehe.”

Which of your designs have been the most popular?

“The galaxy shoes, meme/rage comic shoes, and Legend of Korra shoes have all made it to the front page of deviantART, and have also been popular on Wish Wall. The shoes are more popular than I am, but that’s understandable haha!”

Do you have a personal favourite design? If so, which one? 

“I guess it always changes, but I really like the jellyfish ones because they were really fun to do. The girl that wanted them was giving the shoes to her friend for her birthday, and I asked for a list of her friend’s favourite things so I could incorporate it into the jellyfish. I also loved doing the music and paint ones. I just get extra happy when people give me a general idea that I can have a lot of freedom and creativity with.”

Any goals for the future of the company?

“Hats! Shirts, maybe. I’ve also recently been asked to do painting commissions on the side, so I’d like to continue with those! Selling to more countries would be awesome-tastic as well.”


There you have it, folks! This artist is quite the character – talented, funny and sweet!

For details about her booming business, check out her facebook page!


if you know of anyone that you think should be a “featured fashionista” – email us at

Stay stylish, my friends!


The Stylist