About Us

The Churchill Chronicle (formerly The Churchillian) is a student run newspaper of Sir Winston Churchill High School (http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b857/) in Calgary, AB.


The Churchill Chronicle is dedicated to informing, entertaining and representing the Churchill community. As a team of competent and  zealous students, we strive to foster a sense of school community and spirit by acting as a voice and mode of expression for the student body.


The Churchill Chronicle was founded in the 2011-2012  school year as a WordPress site showcasing articles and art of various topics.

Contact Us: thechurchillian@gmail.com or “The Churchill Chronicle” Facebook group

Meet the Editors

Editor-in-Chief: Raj S.

Deputy Editor: Emily X.

Features Editor: Ivonne Z.

News Editor: Emily X.

Lifestyle Editor: Jessica L.
Entertainment-Vyoma S.
Fashion-Kayla R.
Food-Songju K.

Opinion: Ananya P.

Advice Columnists: Jummy H.

Technical Editor: Stephan K.

Photography: Joel A.


For information on positions, please visit the Facebook group. Keep updated through our Facebook page here: The Churchill Chronicle.



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