The Best Way to Predict the Future? Create it.




The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Why are we waiting? Waiting to see what will happen? Waiting to see how things will go?

The future isn’t set in stone. It is fluid, constantly shaped, constantly changed by a compilation of little things that have happened. Little accidents. Little decisions.

Think back to that time last Sunday when you headed to the mall to buy a present for your sister’s birthday. You missed the bus by a minute. Now you will need to wait another fifteen to catch the next one. You step into a store, just as a pair of shoes by the window catches your eye. Now you try those on, because while you’re here, you might as well. That’s another ten minutes gone. You decide not to get them; they’re really not your style. Stepping out of the store empty handed, you see an old friend pass by. Eyes meet. Smiles are exchanged. Words, from years ago, are said once again.

But how many little things needed to have occurred in order for the two of you to coincidentally cross paths? That fifteen minutes waiting for the bus? That ten minutes trying on a pair of shoes? If those two moments had not been there, you would have just missed each other? And what about this friend? How many moments in his/her life would need to have been aligned in order to see you again?

And with all this said, the future is fluid, changed by every minute and every breath. So how can we sit here, predicting something so inconsistent? Because every second that we wait, wondering what will happen next, the future realigns itself. Chances and moments slip by.

So if that’s the case, and we can’t predict the future, then why don’t we just work to create it?

– Carline H.


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