“Mac’s Across the Street Doesn’t Look Like it Plans to Reopen Anytime Soon,” Claims Dejected Student

According to twelfth grader Julia Chan, the Mac’s across the street from Churchill appears too shabby to resume business in the near future, wreaking havoc in the hearts of students who relied on it for emergency slushy cravings. “A few days ago, I had to transit all the way to the convenience store by Dalhousie Station to buy my slushy, which I’m only calling a ‘slushy’ because you told me calling it a ‘Slurpee’ would be copyright infringement,” she disclosed to our reporter. “The acquisition of a slushy would have taken me, like, three minutes back when the Mac’s was still open, but factoring in the commute, it ended up taking me over thirty minutes.” Chan paused to wipe a single tear off her cheek. She is not alone in her aggravation. In a survey conducted by our research committee, three out of three students wished the Mac’s would reopen. As of press time, Chan had left the school to make yet another lengthy pilgrimage to the convenience store by Dalhousie station.

– Areeba K.


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