Graduation Committee Updates




The Graduation Committee for this year has been organized, and is excited to start planning the graduation that will occur on Wednesday, May 27. The Graduation Committee is involved in planning the formal Graduation Ceremony, as well as the graduation banquet. The committee is not involved in any after banquet graduation activities. The graduation quote which sets the theme for the graduation has already been chosen, and the committee is now moving towards applications for valedictorians.


A valedictorian information meeting will be held on Wednesday December 10 at lunch. If you are a student in Grade 12 with a 90% average or higher, and have been at Sir Winston Churchill for 3 years, you can apply to become this year’s valedictorian. If you are interested in becoming valedictorian, please attend the valedictorian information meeting on December 10. If you cannot meet these requirements, you can still become a banquet speaker. More information about speaking at the banquet will come in February. As a whole, the Graduation Committee is very excited to make this year’s graduation a great one!

– Saad K.


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