Club of the Month: Debate

Debate is the best club in the entire school. Everyone should join debate. If one had to choose between winning the lottery, and attending the Sir Winston Churchill High Schools debate tournament, the choice is obvious, attend the debate!

Hopefully, you, the reader, haven’t gobbled up everything I have said as true, because that would not be in the spirit of debate. Seriously, comparing debate to winning the lottery is ludicrous, but I stand by the first point I have made. Debate is the best club in the school!

Wherever one goes in life, whether it’s traveling abroad or working in any field, speaking is a necessity. Debate fosters the art of speaking, and all debate club members are able to whet their speaking dagger. Our team attends conferences held by a variety of schools, we practice in club sessions held every Tuesday after-school for exactly an hour or less, where we can simply enjoy speaking, listening, and gathering a myriad of perspectives on specific issues. In order to have the sharpest speaking dagger’s around, the SWC debate team contribute ideas to different topics, and critique and commend our fellow comrades’ skills.

You can conquer your nervousness with enough practice in debate. If you get “butterflies” before class presentations, or can’t stand speaking in front of a large crowd, debate is the answer. Critically thinking on your feet is tough, but it’s a trademark of being a good debater. Through participation in the SWC debate club all members have the opportunity to hone their skills with an encouraging crowd, in turn crushing your nervousness and propelling your thinking and speaking skills.

Last but not least, debate is fun! I’m kidding, that was too cliché; the real reason debate is great is because you have the opportunity to learn new things. Okay, I admit, I’m beginning to run out of ideas here, but you get the idea: debate is great.

Aspiring Churchill debaters proved to be a force to be reckoned with at the recent Churchill Debate.

Aspiring Churchill debaters proved to be a force to be reckoned with at the recent Churchill Debate

Following a day, month, or year of club sessions, the improvements in your speaking skills will be guaranteed, in fact, prior to my first meeting I did not know any English whatsoever, but immediately following the meeting, I can now debate as a fly can fly (warning, slight exaggeration). As a side note, I would love to have a debate with my English teacher: This House Would Prohibit the use of Comic Sans in all Student Created School Assignments.

– Vishwa S. and Roy Z.


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