Sir Winston Churchill High School provides students with many opportunities to express and develop themselves. The types of clubs range from sports-related clubs such as Table Tennis Club to academic-oriented clubs such as Math Club. It is never too late to join a club and discover your interests or hidden talents. If you are a member of a club and it is not listed, please feel free to add a description. Any club activities are also more than welcome to be featured in “In the Spotlight”.

Below is the list of the clubs:

Anime Club

Are you interested in Anime? Do you want to share your passion with other people? Join Anime Club and discuss the world of Anime with other Churchillians!


Meeting Times

Tuesdays @ lunch in Room 219


Teacher Sponsors:

Mr. Curtis Petrie


Badminton Club

Do you want to brush up your skills in badminton? Ever wished to get an opportunity to play badminton? Join Badminton club and play badminton with other people!


Meeting Times

Fridays in the main gym from 6:30pm to 8:30pm (Please check the Churchillian for details, as practice times may vary)


Teacher Sponsors:

Mr. Alex Hung

Biology Club

Are you curious about the world of biology? Do you wish to learn more about living organisms? Come to Biology Club and have fun while learning biology!


Meeting Times

Wednesdays @ lunch in Room 215


Teacher Sponsors:

Ms. J. Foisy


Christian Life Club

Join the Christian Life Club for prayer and exploration of the Bible. Come to the worship evenings in the Theatre after school.


Meeting Times

Alternating Thursdays @ lunch in Room 229


Teacher Sponsors:

Ms. Coburn


Citizens of Churchill

Do you remember when you were a new student at SWC? The whole world seemed to have changed, and for some of us, it was scary. Join Citizens of Churchill and help make new students feel welcome at SWC!


Meeting Times

Alternating Wednesdays @ lunch in Room 121


Teacher Sponsors:

Mrs. Kim Alladin





Climbing Club


Do you like to do something adventurous? You should try climbing! Join the Climbing Club and mount walls!


Meeting Times

Spring session begins Thursday, April 3 and runs for 8 consecutive Thursdays at the Stronghold Climbing gym

Teacher Sponsors:

Ms. J. Foisy


Debate and Speech Club

Are you interested in public speaking? Do you like to discuss topics with others? Join Debate and Speech Club and practise the art of public speaking!


Debate Club

Meeting Times

Tuesdays after school in room 220


Speech Club

Meeting Times

Mondays in room 243 at lunch


Teacher Sponsors:

Ms. Nancy Rehder, Mr. Terry Kinsella, Mr. Robert Kerr, & Ms. Leanne Simpson-Cole


Earth Club

Concerned about the environment? Do you want to take action, but cannot figure out where to start? Join Earth Club and help save the environment!


Meeting Times

Tuesdays @ lunch in Room 220


Teacher Sponsors:

Mr. Nickell


Gardening Club

Do you like to grow plants? Have you ever wanted to maintain your own garden? Learn the skills of gardening in Garden Club, and grow flowers and vegetables!


Meeting Times

Tuesdays @ lunch in Room 235


Teacher Sponsors:

Mr. Robertson and Ms. Dieng


German Club

Do you wish to learn about German culture? Join German Club and learn German skills! You do not need to have any German language skills to join.


Meeting Times

Mondays @ lunch in Room 227


Teacher Sponsors:

Ms. Aline Moes


Math Club and Math Contests

Do you like math? Do you want to participate in math contests? If yes, come to the Math Club, and learn more about the exciting world of mathematics and the different math Olympiads!


Meeting Times

Mondays @ lunch in Room 231


Teacher Sponsors

Mr. Barry Davidoff, Ms. Shelina Kassam


Model United Nations Club

Are you interested in the functioning of the UN? Do you wonder how nations interact during conferences? Join the Model UN Club and see what a delegate does during a UN conference!


Meeting Times

Thursday in Room 111 at lunch


Teacher Sponsors:

Mr. Kevin Gilchrist, Mr. David MacGregor and Ms. Corinna Dootjes


Robotics Club

Do you wish to know how to make a robot? How about actually building a robot and participating in a robotics competition? Join Robotics Club and learn about the world of robots!


Meeting Times

After school


Teacher Sponsors:

Mr. Spademan


Science Café

Do you like to connect science to daily life? Join Science Café and participate in scientific discussions with your peers and teachers!


Teacher Sponsors:

Mr. Nickell and Ms. Rehder


Science Olympics


Do you like applying science to real life scenarios? If yes, Science Olympics is for you! Teams, consisting of five members, compete against each other to go to the Chevron Science Olympics, SET Challenge, or the APEGGA Science Olympics.


Meeting Times

Thursdays after school in the cafeteria


Teacher Sponsors:

Ms. Fitzner and Mr. Makar


Stock Market Club

Ever wished to be a part of the world of stock market? Do you want to manage your own stocks and learn more about the stock market? Participate in Stock Market Club, join tournaments, and have fun with the stock market!


Teacher Sponsors:

Mr. Spademan, Mr. Morrison


Student Leadership

Are you a leader, or wish to improve on your leadership skills? Do you like organizing events? Join the Student Leadership Club and organize events such as Churchill Idol and Churchill’s Got Talent!


Meeting Times

Monday at lunch, and Tuesday at 7:15, in Rm. 224


Teacher Sponsors:

Mr. Petrie and Ms. Boissonault


Table Tennis Club


Always wanted to play table tennis, but never found the opportunity? Join the club and play recreational or competitive table tennis with your friends! Ball, paddles, and table are provided.


Meeting Times

Mondays and Wednesdays in the auxiliary gym at lunch.


Teacher Sponsor:

Mr. Giannoutsos



Do you like practicing photography? Do you have writing skills? Do you want to contribute to the school? Join the Yearbook Club!


Meeting Times

Mondays in Room 207 at lunch


Teacher Sponsors:

Ms. Lorrane Chung, Ms. Karen Davis, and Ms. Anna Luu


Yoga Club

Do you want to be fit? Do you wish to learn yoga? Come to Yoga Club and discover the art of yoga!


Meeting Times

Wednesdays in the staff room from 3:30pm to 4:30pm


Teacher Sponsors:

Ms. Murray


Youth Volunteer Corps


Do you want to contribute to your community? With over 300 members, the Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) volunteers at events that focus on social issues such as poverty, heart disease, and hunger. They volunteer with non-profit organizations and at school. Some of these projects are the SWC Debate Tournament, Cards for a Cure, and various projects with the Salvation Army.


Meeting Times

Every second Thursday in the theatre at lunch


Teacher Sponsors:

Ms. Lee, Ms. Hill


– Roy Z.


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  1. Thanks for posting this! You are missing some clubs though. Off the top of my head, Gay-Straight Alliance and Muslim Youth Club are missing, perhaps others?

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