Advice Column #1

How do you deal with having a crush that doesn’t like you back?

First things first, you can’t assume he doesn’t like you back. Unless he has physically told you he doesn’t like you, you have to keep your hopes up. Now, having that cleared, to deal with a crush that could possibly not like you back is to basically get him to like you. So flirt. Be the biggest flirt you can to your crush. Try new things to get yourself noticed by him or her. Also, don’t go too out of your way, because you have to also keep true to yourself. Remember to talk to him. Most people kind of just forget to talk to their crushes and get super nervous around them. Don’t worry my little friend, YOU GOT THIS!! (:

OR there is a completely different approach to dealing with crushes that don’t like you back, you could hang out with friends, read books, listen to music, or do what you enjoy and get your mind off of them.


How do I make time for homework when I dance till 9 pm

You could always do it after dance, but being a teenager myself I understand how hard it must be to concentrate after anytime that is ten. So my advice to you is that there is always tutorial time, lunchtime, or any spares you may have. I understand you may want to be with friends during that time, but since you have such a busy schedule, you have to fit homework in there somewhere… As important as friends are, homework still needs to be done, so doing it first gives you more time with your friends.


Should I join clubs at Churchill? Why or why not?

Clubs???? Of course you should!! Think of all the new friends you will be making, new experiences you will have and most importantly if there is a club for something you like, then you will be doing things that you love while learning new things. You also get recognized for things you do around the school that are not academic, and you get letters from the principal. (How cool is that?? It’s like you’re pen pals!! :0) Clubs are also a good way to know about events going on in the school.


I’m failing Math Candidate. Any tips for doing better?

Hi there buddy! First things first, I’m so sorry, because I know exactly what you are feeling. My math candidate marks are not so hot right now either, so all I can tell you is that you just really got to practice. There is also tutorial, like all teachers love telling you. But it all boils down to practicing and doing about a ton of questions, and keeping up with ALL of the homework. And if you miss a day, you need to catch up and know exactly what happened that day. So good luck my friend, and remember it’s not just you– all lot of people are failing.

– Kanti R.


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