The Blood of Olympus: The End of a Legend Review

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The long-awaited release date is here: The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan is out. For everyone, this means sleepless nights, frantic page flipping, and bloodshot eyes. This epic conclusion spells the end for The Heroes of Olympus series.

The Heroes of Olympus is a spin-off of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, both by best-selling author Rick Riordan. The first instalment of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief, was originally released on June 28th, 2005. It quickly earned a place on the bookshelves of all readers alike–tweens, teens, and young adults. The series features a diverse cast of characters, quick-witted humour, and a mash-up of Ancient Greek mythology with modern times.

The last book of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, The Last Olympian, was released on  May 5th, 2009. A new ‘Great Prophecy’ (the previous prophecy had fuelled the events of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series) was announced, suggesting more adventures to come. Nonetheless, demigods were devastated at its presumed end, and tried to return to mortal life.

However, to the fans’ surprise, a new series, The Heroes of Olympus, was announced in 2010. Excitement mounted before October 12th, and the demigods weren’t disappointed. The Lost Hero introduced new characters, brought back old ones, and threw surprising twists and turns at the readers with every turn of the page. Every second week in October during the following years meant the next book, each which was anticipated with great expectations. The House of Hades (the fourth novel of the Heroes of Olympus series) was met with the most anxiety, due to the massive and nail biting cliff-hanger in its predecessor, The Mark of Athena.


As I am writing this, The Blood of Olympus has been released in Canada. I pre-ordered my copy back in May, but it’s not due to be shipped for almost another week. There are too many questions that still need to be answered; will our seven favourite demigods defeat Gaea? Will the rift between the Romans and Greeks be healed? Will the wars between Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-blood be prevented? Will the gods schizophrenia be cured? What about the Great Prophecy (or The Prophecy of the Seven, if you’re Roman)? Whose oath will mean a final breath? The world will fall to storm or fire; who’s world? Who’s the fire? Who’s the storm? Will Leo be reunited with Calypso? Will the relationships of the demigods survive death?

Unfortunately, after the Blood of Olympus Rick Riordan has confirmed it will be end for the Greeks and Romans. Our favourite heroes will forever live in on in our fandom hearts.

But wait, Rick Riordan has announced a new trilogy! Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard was announced on September 23 2014. The new trilogy, slated to release its first book, The Sword of Summer, sometime in October 2015, stars Magnus Chase (cousin to Annabeth Chase). The series will be set in Boston, with modern time getting tangled up with mythology once again: this time, the Norse gods. There’s much potential for our old Greek and Roman friends to make appearances. Please let it happen, Rick? Pretty please?

Here’s hoping that everyone survives and the war turns out okay. Yours in demigodishness and all that. Peace out.

Demigods: A term used to describe fans of Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

-Mabel Z.


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