Guess That Teacher!

Hey Churchill!

This column is to help our students, community and maybe even other teachers learn a bit more about the people who teach our students everyday. I like to call it “Guess That Teacher!”

How it works is that each issue of The Churchill Chronicle will hold clues as to which teacher I’m thinking of. Then, in the next issue I will announce the answer along with the clues for the next teacher. Think you know Churchill’s teachers? Find my column each month and find out!

Here are the clues:

  1. Her first name is Aline.
  2. She speaks 5 languages.
  3. She immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands in 1988.
  4. She has taught: ESL, English, French, Spanish, German, Social Studies, Psychology and CALM.
  5. If you walk into her classroom, I bet a large percentage of you won’t understand what the walls say.

That’s all you get! Think you know who the mystery teacher is? Check back for the next issue to see if you are correct!

Later, Churchill! 🙂

– Darby M.


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