An Outsider’s Perspective on Nose Hill “Park”

article nose pic 1It’s an eyesore. Yes I’m talking about the vast, camel-brown, desolate grassland that many are quick to refer to as a “park”. Prior to moving to Calgary, I was exploring the area of my soon-to-be home on Bing Maps in “standard view”, when I was ecstatically surprised by a park nearly ten times the size of Downtown Calgary, shaded in a pleasant leprechaun-green hue on the screen, right in my future backyard!

Expectant of a beautiful, lush green park of some kind, once I moved to the Northwest quadrant of Calgary, I was seemingly disillusioned as I found myself staring out the window of my new room at a massive bleak and barren moor.

article nose pic 2

Photo credit: Vishwa S.

The unpaved pathways, dirt and gravel all around, and generally treeless sprawls of brown invasive weeds are few of the many reasons why Nose Hill Park is not up to par with many of the smaller well-maintained Parks in Calgary, for instance: the Century Gardens, a one-block park in Downtown Calgary, or Princes Island Park, just north of Downtown.

There are a few quirks about Nose Hill Park, as it does have areas with densely populated trees, nutritious fescue grassland for deer, and the non-paved pathways can be an enjoyment for mountain bikers. Sitting on a prime piece land that currently cannot be developed, the city should consider beautifying the Nose Hill Park landscape by planting native species shrubbery and trees, and consider paving the entrance pathways at the very least.


article nose pic 3article nose pic 4

Although Nose Hill Park has its ups and downs, both literally and figuratively, it is nonetheless an interesting place to visit, but has many aspects that it can be improved upon.  Let me know of your opinion on Nose Hill Park in the comments section below.

article nose pic 5

Flicker: Kevin C.

By: Vishwa S.


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