Churchill Idol: 2013

This year’s Churchill Idol competition was memorable in all the ways possible- it was competitive, exciting, and mind-blowing in every way.

A variety of students came out to first auditions with songs of all sorts- from originals, to stripped down acoustics, to good old pop, the range of styles and talent was impressive. Initial auditions really gave us a taste as to what was to come, and had us anticipating the semi-finals.

Meet semi-finalist, Gabby: gabyy


Song: “Do You Remember” by Adele

With confident projection, and equally strong tonality, Gabby’s voice resonated within the gymnasium to the crowd’s pleasure. This finalist didn’t consider the event a contest, but viewed it as an opportunity to perform and have fun. “I thought it would be something fun to do! It’s my last year here and I like to perform” were her exact words. This positive and fun loving outlook extends to her reasons for singing. Considering it a “calming and exciting” paradox of an experience, she warmly welcomes the surge of adrenaline from being onstage, as well as the soothing lullaby that is the music. She revels in the thrill of performance, seeking this very experience through acting and singing. This is displayed in her participation of the SWC main stage production, through all three years. As for her personal music preference, it is best coined “cutesy music”. A mix of “bubblegum” pop and “weird indie stuff”, her music favorites are just as eccentric as her. Finally, as one of her friends coined while she was performing: “don’t be scared, be fabulous!”

Gabby had an outstanding voice that aided in helping her through the auditions, as well as the semis. Gabby presented a heart-felt performance that undoubtedly captivated the audience. Her movement on stage was stern and brought lots of emotion into the song she sang. I wish good luck Gabby to any future endeavors she plans to use her voice for.

Meet semi-finalist, Nancy:


Song: “Tattoo” by Jordin Sparks

Nancy was great and performed very well. Throughout the run of the competition, she was extremely qualified for the audition and upon her semifinalist performance, she conveyed an improvement in confidence. Her performance very emotional, and beautiful. The audience clearly remitted the same feelings, as a grand display of talent and courage, she performed a lovely rendition of “Tattoo”.  Nancy’s personal accomplishments range from admirable academics to her love of music. She has a passionate love for math, chemistry (although questionable), the flute, piano and of course singing. In her first year, she was a member of the concert choir, and symphonic band. Now in her final year, she remains committed to the symphonic band and has moved onto developing her solo performing skills. The funny thing about Nancy is that she has reached the finals of Churchill Idol, bettering many competent competitors with her angelic voice, all the while scared half to death. She lists her musical inspirations as Taylor Swift and Girls’ Generation; she loves both jazz, classical, and pop music. Her reasons for auditioning include her love for singing, her desire to try new things in her senior year, and to overcome her stage fright.

Best of luck to Nancy- good work and keep pursuing your dreams in singing and performing!

And, meet the winner of Churchill Idol, 2013: Yasmine!



Song: “Titanium” by David Guetta

Yasmine, congratulations on your Churchill Idol win! Yasmine is a 10th grader, who is new to SWC; yet she still had the courage to convey her voice to the world. Yasmine’s performance at Churchill Idol was indeed spectacular. The audience was much involved to the point where some people started singing along with her. During her performance, she basically carried the audience throughout the whole song and even after they cheered gallantly for her. Her voice produced a provoking tone that carried made the audience exuberant. Additionally, she employed so much emotion in the song she sang that the audience was directly linked into her singing.We asked Yasmine a few questions about why she chose to audition to begin with; in her own words, it was to “try something new.” She lists her musical inspirations as Alicia Keys and Beyonce, and says the reason for her love for singing is that it’s “just an escape to fantasy.” Her advice for aspiring performers? “Just practice.”

Good luck to Jasmine on her future singing endeavors, and congrats once more on your victory!


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