The Blacklist: My New Obsession

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Enter the world of national crime, criminals, and the FBI. Subtract the cheesiness and the norm, where they find the criminal and persecute him. Add an edge, a twist, and a brilliant super criminal and you have The Blacklist.

James Spader playing Raymond “Red” Reddington is the most interesting antagonist on TV. He plays an international super criminal who surrenders to the FBI in the hopes of forming a sort of agreement to get rid of the world’s worst criminals that the FBI have no idea exist. Reddington will only cooperate on one condition: if he speaks only to Elizabeth “Liz” Keen, played by Megan Boone. While the FBI and Keen try to weed out these criminals in their own way, Reddington has his own tricks.

That was only a smidge of the first episode though. In later episodes, Elizabeth finds things out about her husband, a father-daughter bond between Liz and Reddington is suspected, and the last episodes of the fall airing are the most intense of all.  

Full of drama, plot twists, and characters that you will fall in love with (literally, I think I have a crush on Raymond Reddington), you have to put this on your to-do list this Christmas season. If you have a PVR device, it’s most likely found in your On Demand section. If not, download it on your laptop, grab some popcorn (and holiday treats if you’re anything like me), and enjoy.

Don’t worry, you’ll thank me later. 😉

Elizabeth and Reddington


A review by the Metro

A review by the Metro


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