Hi guys!

It’s officially beanie season!!! I don’t know if you guys are excited, but I am dancing with joy right now.  As all of you beanie-lovers know,  it usually cost us more than $10 to get a beanie that we want, so we would have to spend a whole lot of money to get all those lovely beanies. Worry no more, because I have went online and looked for some quick and easy DIY projects for you guys!

Do you have a sweater or cardigan that you hardly ever wear? Or have you just grown and they don’t fit any more? You can totally turn that sweater into a brand new, unique beanie in just 5 minutes! All you need is a sweater, cardigan, skirt (or any knitwear that is stretchy but not too chunky or heavy), scissors, a sewing kit or some fabric glue and you are ready to make your own beanie.

First, choose how long you want your beanie to be. Then, take your scissors and cut all the way across the sweater, then go ahead and cut open the sweater by cutting down the seam of one side.

Second, take your sweater and wrap it around your head to measure how big your beanie needs to be. Mark the measurement and cut off the excess fabric.

Now, fold your future beanie into three, trace a half circle/dome shape at the top and cut along the line.

Next thing you want to do is have the right side up facing you, fold it over in half then start sewing/gluing.

Just one more step to do guys! Let’s start by bonding the top parts together–you’d want to sew/glue one side of the curve to the other side of the curve next to it and so on. When you have finished doing that, there should be a hole in the centre, but don’t be hesitate–go ahead and sew up that hole!

Tadaa! You are done! If you are gluing your beanie, you should let it dry for ten minute. If you are sewing it, turn it inside out and try on your new beanie!

This is the Youtube video for the DIY beanie. If you need any help with making your beanie, go and check it out! The girl in the video is so much better than me at explaining this stuff! So even if you’re done, just go and take a quick peek on how she does it, because she is amazing!


One more bonus Youtube video! This one will help you to add some touch to your brand new, one of a kind beanie by turning it into a statement beanie, or just simply added some accessories to it.


So that’s it for now! I hope you guys have fun making this DIY project, and if you did try it out, please tell me how it went because I’d love to see your products.

Signing off now,

Stay strong, stay stylish! 🙂



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