The know-how on the Syrian civil war

This year, the political and social issues that are fueling civil war in Syria are still massive problems, but now, there are a few major changes. The rebel army or the Free Syrian Army created by Syrian citizens has been trying to expose the use of chemical weapons by their opposition. President Assad is the head leader of Syria, and has been accused by this citizen army of using chemical weapons against their forces. Assad and his governmental forces have been fighting back against the rebels in an attempt to remain in control of Syria.

The civil war brings with it the devastating consequence of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians dying. Countries all over the world have been attempting to bring peace to Syria’s war zone land but with little success. The United Nations made a large advancement in peace making this year by sending out a group of inspectors to find and destroy all chemical weapons in Syria. This mission is still underway, but the team has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this year for their work to bring peace in Syria once more.

You may be asking yourself, “Why was Syria even fighting in the first place?” Well, the answer to this question goes back decades. The major religion in Syria is Islam, but there are two branches in Islam that have split the population, with one feuding issue that has set apart the entire country. The question fought over is about who should take over the Islamic faith as the head religious symbol.  The governmental side supports the branch Shia, which has the belief that a descendant of Muhammed himself should be the new ruler of the Islamic faith. On the other hand, the rebels are fighting to have their new religious leader chosen purely on the basis of faith, not through bloodlines and are backing the branch Sunni.

This feud has inspired the civil war of Syria, which has led to the deaths of thousands, and a political shutdown being imminent in the future of the country. Assad still maintains his post as president, and has allowed the United Nations chemical weapons disposal team into Syria but the rebels are continuing a constant fight to protect their home, their rights and their beliefs. Many of the world’s countries are supportive of the Free Syrian Army, but still remain in fear of Assad’s capabilities and alliances. Thus, they still haven’t sent any manpower to Syria. Though the majority of the United Nations Council empathizes with the rebels, there are major countries that support Assad. Germany has been supporting Assad for years, and that has prevented the United Nations from attempting to enter Syria. German president Vladimir Putin has been extremely supportive of Assad, and was one of the major factors in Assad allowing the United Nations to come into Syria. There was discussion on awarding Putin the Nobel Peace Prize for his achievement, but considering the fact that over half of the world disagrees with his choices to support Assad, he was obviously not a good potential recipient. Today in Syria, the fighting continues, and the world watches helplessly, hoping for a greater good to arise from this terrible situation.


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