As pumpkin spice lattes make their return and the last yellowed leaves float gently to the ground, it can no longer be denied: summer has relinquished its hold and fall is well underway. With the new season comes the inevitable change in fashion trends, as chunky knits and warm sweaters make their way forward to the front shelves. While fall fashion has already taken hold, many of us find ourselves still using our old makeup routines. Unfortunately, just like our summer clothes, it’s time for those looks to go. Summer’s dewy foundations, colorful liners, and rosy blushes have been replaced by new fall trends such as matte foundations, classic black and innocent white liners, along with illuminating oranges and elegant purples.

With cold mornings and biting winds on the way, skincare is more important than ever. This past summer, youthful foundations were the craze; for fall this has been replaced by matte foundations and natural trends. This matte look can be easily attained by using powder rather than liquid or cream foundations; but keep in mind that for the lasting matte look, blotting papers are a necessity. For individuals who don’t need fuller coverage, small amounts of concealer for under-eye circles and red spots can be used to achieve this fresh less is more look. Apply foundation that highlights natural features with minimum effort – it’s perfect for busy students.

On windy days when we find ourselves reaching for comfy sweaters and toques, makeup can be the last priority; this is where eyeliner can be your biggest asset. This season, classic black liners have taken the spotlight, replacing the colorful alternatives that were popular during spring and summer. Black eyeliner is very versatile; it looks amazing on everyone and can be worn with any outfit. Countless looks from dramatic cat-eyes to subtler lash-lining are in Vogue and on the street. Accompanying the black liner trend is a more illuminating look: the white eyeliner. White liner can be hard to pull off for day to day style, so try using a rose gold liner instead. Rose gold liners brighten any face and don’t appear as harsh or chalky as white liners. For the adventurous fashionistas, mixing both liners can produce a mesmerizing look.

Inspired by the turning leaves, orange eye shadows are making a comeback. While orange lids can be intimidating, this look can be subdued by using more subtle hues which blend with shades of copper and gold. In contrast to orange, warm prunes and violets have captured the fall runways as well. Try putting a new twist to the “smokey eye” look by blending lavender and a deeper shade of purple to create a lovely colour gradient.

Fall is here and armed with the newest makeup trends we can brave this season in style. If you try any of these styles please send your pictures and reviews in! Good luck everyone!


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