Healthy snack review: Freeze-Dried Fruit

Being students at Churchill, we’re expected to perform to the best of our abilities, whether it’s in academia or athletics. There is no better way to accomplish such a feat than to be properly fuelled with healthy snacks beforehand. Since fresh fruit can sometimes be inconvenient to carry around, I bring to you today a review of freeze-dried fruits!

The freeze-dried fruits that I am featuring today were purchased from Costco, though you can probably find them at other retailers. Averaged out, it comes out to about $0.90 a bag. The flavours come in Strawberry/Banana, Apple, and Cinnamon Apple. In each bag, there is an equivalent of one apple for the apple bags and three strawberries and half a banana for the strawberry/banana.

These snacks are particularly well suited for life in Churchill because they are light, compact, and above all, tasty! All the packets are moderately sized and weigh around 10 grams. Their taste is a little harder to describe though. Imagine eating a chip that tastes like an apple, banana, strawberry, yet it releases a burst of flavour when you bite into it. The feeling resembles the taste of eating a soft candy with a syrup filling. It is certainly a different way to experience food and stay healthy at the same time!

All in all, if you ever include freeze-dried fruits as a part of your snack routine, you will not be disappointed!



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